PEACE Ranch offers experiential opportunities for:

Health & Wellness

PEACE Ranch offers EAGALA Model equine assisted psychotherapy which incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist and an equine specialist working with the clients and horses to address treatment goals. Because of its intensity and effectiveness, it is considered a short-term, or “brief” approach.

EAP is experiential in nature. This means that participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing (or discussing) feelings, behaviors, and patterns. This approach has been compared to the ropes courses used by therapists, treatment facilities, and human development courses around the world. But EAP has the added advantage of utilizing horses, dynamic and powerful living beings.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy uses horses in activities with humans to resolve conflict, find healing and learn healthy coping skills. Clients are seen on a short term basis and a sliding scale is provided to make sessions affordable for all. It is appropriate for clients of all ages with a broad range of mental health and human development needs. No prior experience with horses is necessary.

Growth & Learning

PEACE Ranch offers Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) which is similar to EAP but where the focus is on learning or educational goals. EAL still involves the team of mental health professional and horse professional working with the clients and horses. The focus however is on education and learning specific skills as defined by the individual or group, such as improved product sales for a company, leadership skills for a school group, or resiliency training for our military warriors.

The potential applications for both EAC and EAL are limitless!
Equine Assisted Learning is conducted in groups of between 4 and 20. EAL is suitable for a broad range of needs for adults, children, veterans, single moms, those struggling with addiction, victims of abuse and trauma, PTSD, behavior issues, marital strife, family struggles, at risk youth etc. Programs can be tailored to the students specific needs. PEACE Ranch provides equine assisted educational events for school, organizational and corporate groups.

Veterans & Military

An innovative collaboration between PEACE Ranch and the Veterans Administration through which veterans all over Northern Michigan can recieve EAGALA Model equine assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, MST or other trauma based issues here at the ranch. Services are free to all Veterans. PEACE Ranch is an EAGALA approved Military Services Provider
To register contact Jan Tharp: 989 482-1187


Team & Professional Development

A professional workshop series providing valuable insight into team dynamics. The program was designed by and is provided in collaboration with the Sundance Center here at PEACE Ranch. We offer pre-employment assessments, introduction of new team members and discovery for existing teams. Contact PEACE Ranch to schedule your Discovering Your Herd worshop.

Team Building
PEACE Ranch offers custom designed Team Building experiences for ANY group desirous of growing together. Combining the strenghts of both group process and equine assisted learning, PEACE Ranch will create an activity or series of activites to meet any Team’s needs.

How it Works
Participants will engage in individual or group activities that include partnering with horses. No horsemanship skills are necessary and the workshop does not include any riding whatsoever. The activities are designed to illicit natural responses and patterns of behavior from the participants. The facilitating team strives to avoid qualifying participant’s efforts as good or bad or right or wrong. Instead, we seek to bring forward the most honest and accurate picture of the participants’ personality traits and communications skills.

The workshop is facilitated by a team that oversees the activity, leads dialogue and provides feedback to suit the team and/or employer. Typical areas of assessment are communication, attitude, problem solving and teamwork. These observations are helpful in understanding “fit” in regards to potential and current employees and getting the right people in the right positions. from the Sundance Center website


Equine assisted services are for children and adults with a broad range of emotional & development challenges including:

Trauma Based Issues

Experiential therapy for children and adults promote:

Self Management
Self Confidence
Team Building
Professional Development