Knight’s Story

From Mountain View Intake Notes: Untitled

Midnight and his friend Shadow were local horses whose elderly owners deteriorating health prevented them from keeping the boys.  Their neighbors have provided the boy’s care through this difficult time and contact us for help.  These boys were kept stalled for several months and both have serious health issues as a result.  Midnight is low in weight and has zero muscle tone.  He is one of the most curious horses I have ever seen.  We have them in turnout during the day and stalled at night.  They are very attached to each other at this point, almost dangerously so.

Midnight came to PEACE Ranch as a 5 year old in September 2011 and was quickly dubbed “Knight” for his courageous and valiant spirit.

Knight had serious physical damage from being confined to a stall for most of his 3rd year.  His tendons were unable to stretch correctly as his body grew so his hips and hind legs were stiff and the muscle was underdeveloped.  His neck developed “upside down,” that is, more muscle on the bottom than on the top.  The rescue originally thought he would be a good placement for a performance home but soon after beginning training he developed swelling in his legs.  Several months of medication and rehabilitation finally resolved the issues.  Knight was sent to a foster home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pat’s (Knight’s foster mom) work with Knight was thorough, focusing on laying a good foundation for him – but he still struggled physically and she knew performance was not in his near future.  The damage which resulted from his confinement would require long term rehabilitation.  However, Knight was incredibly personable and quickly became a barn favorite.  It was Pat who advocated for Knight to be placed at PEACE Ranch believing the placement to be a perfect match, and it is!

Knight serves in Hug & Groom, equine assisted counseling and education programs and will make his debut in the Summer Camp program for 2013.


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