Blind Moon #2

Left eye with detached retina

Left eye with detached retina

Fiona’s Journal Day 2

8/14/13 This morning I looked out the window and saw Fiona in the paddock with Ben quietly munching last night’s hay. I went out to feed her and though she came to me, she was nervous and jittery, not wanting to risk coming close enough to eat from the fence feeder. I got her a rubber ground feeder and poured her breakfast in and she ate it hungrily. I stood near and scratched her neck and shoulder. She tolerated it for a bit and moved much more characteristic of her behavior 6 weeks ago than last week or even a few days ago. What must she be going through…………

The vet was coming at 3pm so throughout the day I visited her, waiting for the perfect time to halter her but it didn’t come.She was uptight and, after yesterday, I was unwilling to risk doing anything that would further traumatize her.The morning passed and afternoon was whizzing by when I had a new idea.

Fiona had become so gentle and placid that I often had my younger daughter Tori halter her; in fact it had been a while since I had done it. Wanting to keep everything the same, I asked Tori if she was willing to give it a try. Tori went out, got Fiona’s halter and lead and sure enough, Fiona stood quietly as Tori gently put the halter on. Then, she gave Fiona a cookie and left. I breathed a sigh of relief—halter on.

The vet came a little while later. He could tell by just looking at the left eye that Fiona’s retina was completely detached. The other eye was now a little puffy and runny. He needed to look into the eye to see what was going on. We had to bring Fiona under the shelter but she was reluctant to go as she had hit her head before. Tori haltered Ben and brought him under and I walked along behind with Fiona—piece of cake, but the news was nothing to celebrate.

The vet indicated that Fiona’s condition called Moon Blindness had left retina completely detached and was irreversibly damaged. The blindness was detected months ago when she originally went to the rescue but because it was in the anterior of the eye and no other symptoms were present it had been impossible to identify as Moon Blindness and therefore went untreated. Now her right eye was completely blind as well. We were given cortisone, pain killers and ointment, the only chance for the right eye but there are no guarantees.

Tomorrow Paul and Frank will start work on private living quarters for Fiona.


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