Blindmoon #3


A quiet day with little rainbows.

I went out this morning to give Fiona her meds. Not wanting to risk traumatizing her further by giving her an injection or even squirting the awful stuff in her mouth (the vet said she could take it orally), I decided to try something a little more creative. We eat some delicious multi grain bread from the Bay Bread Co. in Traverse City. Knowing that bread is extra delicious to some horses, I cut a piece in half, put one half on top of the other, drew up the medication and put it on the top piece so as not to lose any of the medication. Then I took it out and crumbled it in a scoop of grain. It worked like a charm. 20 mls of Dexamethazone and 10 mls of Banamine effectively eaten in two helpings of pellets J

Perhaps one of the most endearing things that happened was after eating, I thought she might be thirsty. I had not seen her drink from any of the buckets. I thought she would learn from Ben but she was too timid to try. I pulled the bucked from the fence line and crouching beside I called her to me, gently moving the water in the bucket. She cocked her head and came closer, searching, smelling, and cautiously closer. I put my wet hand up so she could smell it; feel the water, closer she came till she ventured her muzzle toward the bucket. Finding the water, she drank deeply, sucking the liquid in until she emptied the bucket.

Tori is doing Fiona’s eye care, wiping them gently twice daily and putting the medicated salve in her right eye.

Paul and Frank started just after 8 and had just about completed Fiona’s new pen by noon. It looks fantastic. However, the automatic waterer will need some adjustment before we can put her in the pen.


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