Blindmoon #4


One of the more touching things that happened today occurred this morning at feeding time. We had just completed the medicated food and water routine. Fiona lifted her head looking a little lost as Ben was a ways away. He seemed to read her need for direction and walking along the fence line , he gently used his muzzle to turn her head in the direction of the hay, escorting her to where she could eat. It was so intentional, compassionate, beautiful…………………

During Hug and Groom, I felt we needed to give Fiona a chance to participate and it was a banner day for all of us as the beautiful mare allowed us to bring her to the fence, tie her, brush, pick her FEET, and put her special oil on her feathers. She remembered and it only took a little extra guidance for her to be comfortable. The fact that she has retained all she learned thus far and trusted the crew enough to care for her was encouraging to us all. Each opportunity for trust is also a confidence builder for her. She will need many more but we are headed in the right direction.


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