Will You Feed Me?

what a magical morning-

i woke to a summons from Tinisha,

“nicholas is crying”

i went in and there was a bright eyed baby with the question just bursting from him “will you feed me?”

i picked him up and took him to make his bottle, changed his diaper, snuggled him up in a blanket, as i snuggled into the rocker with him and fed him. Away in the Manger was playing on the radio in the dimly lit room and i marveled, once again, at the irony of God coming as a child such as the one i held in my arms.

when he was done, i held him just a little longer, his droopy eyelids bowing under the weight of impending sleep, all his questions answered, i put him in his crib as he drifted off………….

a while later, i put on my woolies and walked out my front door. i was greeted by the canopy of lingering night heavy laden with star upon star proclaiming their wonder like a giant chorus my soul strained to hear.

i said good morning to my furry kids (horses) they too had that same question in their eyes “will you feed me?”

i walked into the barn, the cats following and made breakfast. Carrying it out, greeting and feeding them one by one, i marvel at their confidence in me, that the question will be answered. There is no fighting, no jockeying for position, just waiting their turn one by one……….

i left them quietly munching, all their questions answered, simple as they are, by me, imagine that

i suppose trust comes by nurture and consistency, attention to our needs and response to our more primal questions like

will you feed me?


From December 24th, 2006


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