Our Date With Destiny

The following is an email written by Yours Truly to a trusted friend in the Morgan Horse world regarding a rescue situation I was involved in.

October 24, 2010

I have a question and since you are my most knowledgeable Morgan breeding friend, I thought I’d ask you.

Recently, there was a rescue from a Morgan breeding farm in Lapeer, Mi.  The farm specialized in old blood lines.  Two of the mares with foals by their sides and a young stallion were transported up to the rescue we deal with.  Since they know I am a Morgan lover, they called me.  I ended up taking one of the mares.  She had a nursing filly (5 months old?) and was heavy in foal (probably the mare was bred during her foal heat).  They took the filly off the mare and she was seen by vet and dentist today.  She was very thin when they brought her up but she’s looking better now.  She has been confirmed for an April/May foal.

 I believe this mare to be Alert Ash Vin Bianca  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/alert+ash+vin+bianca  a 1992, liver chestnut mare.  She is registered to the woman from whom she was taken and with a DNA kit, I think the AMHA will transfer the registration to me.  Here is my question.  The woman had a number of stallions on her farm AND was known to have purchased semen.  If, when the foal is born, I send in a DNA sample, will they be able to identify the sire if he is in the registry?

 I really don’t need the mare.  She is quiet and very sweet.  I only took her because I felt in her condition, thin, pregnant and older; going into winter that she would be hard to place.  My heart went out to her.  The filly she had was lovely and I expect her next foal will be very nice.  Don’t need a foal either, just have a soft spot for them–I know you get it.  My plan is to try to get the whole registration thing figured out.  Get the foal safely born and weaned and then decide what to do with them.  I don’t imagine keeping the foal.  The mare might make a great therapy horse.

That beautiful gentle mare that we lovingly nicknamed “Ali”  was with us only 60 days before she and her unborn foal died of a  colic and twisted gut.  It was our first equine death at the ranch and by far the most traumatic animal death I ever witnessed.  A friend came and dug the whole to bury her and it took a long time to process.

Fast forward October 2, 2015. PEACE Ranch hosted a class from NMC of beginning Social Work students.  While the group was here, a woman began to tell me about a horse that she needed to place a young horse that she had gotten for her daughter who was now grown and attending the class that was visiting the ranch.  She began to tell me the story of this Morgan mare which she had gotten around 5 years earlier from a rescue as a weanling.  She had come in with several Morgan horses and had learned later that the filly’s mother had died……………..

Suddenly the story sounded very familiar and sure enough, her young mare is the filly who was weaned from that lovely mare 5 years ago.  She is at PEACE now, and her name is appropriate as it seems we have a date with “Destiny”.


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