Sandy’s Story

The Realities of Rescue.

Sandy, a 17 h Belgian mare came to PEACE Ranch from a meat lot sale in Louisiana, February 2016. We were told she had been purchased from the sale, vet checked and confirmed in foal but that the lady decided not to take her because she was to old. We brought her to PEACE with Lily, who we were told came to the sale with Canadian PMU mares being sent to slaughter.  We took Sandy sort of on the fly but since it is healthier for a foal to be raised with another foal we thought it worthwhile.

Lily had her foal last week and after doing some research on her branded left hip, we’ve concluded she is originally from a professional rodeo company in Wyoming.  Yesterday, the vet was here to check Sandy and discovered she in not in foal and is likely a maiden mare.  These are the realities of rescue.  Things are never as they seem and although we want to believe differently, kill pen sellers are trying to make the most of what they have to sell. and the meat buyers offer represent the bottom of the barrel.  Fortunately for Sandy she came to a place that could assess her health and her needs to make a better plan for her life.  Other horses are not so lucky and end up going from one bad situation to the next.

What does this mean for Sandy?  It’s her lucky day.  She is healthy and has many more good years ahead.  We will work on continuing to improve her physical condition and assess her riding and driving skills.  However, she will need more daily care than the ranch can provide long term as she is unable to survive solely on hay.  So, in May, we will begin to look for a forever home for Sandy.  Stay tuned–



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