“Great things are a series of small things brought together” V. Van Gogh

Help Humans

PEACE Ranch donates hundreds of hours of valuable experiential psychotherapy services every year to help Veterans and Children in Crisis.  Although these services are considered best practice the logistics often make them unavailable for those most in need.  Your gift is making the impossible POSSIBLE for the most vulnerable people in our community .  No gift is too little, every gift helps ALOT!

Sponsor Veterans:  Veterans@PEACE

Sponsor Children & Families in Crisis:  Kids@PEACE

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Help Horses

The horses at PEACE Ranch have suffered cruelty and neglect. Horses come in poor condition needing help and restoration. Rehabilitation of these noble creatures is costly but worth it as we witness their transformation, in conjunction with humans, and together they become agents of healing and restoration for others.  Your gift provides hay, vet, farrier, rehabilitation and training, daily care for the horses working daily to help humans.  Annual cost: $2500 per horse.

All contributions are personally acknowledged, appreciated and tax deductible.

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