PEACE Ranch takes rescued or unwanted horses for rehabilitation and training on site for use in our therapy programs.

Many have amazing stories of the difficulties they have overcome. Help care for the therapeutic herd by becoming a sponsor. . Click Sponsor4PEACE for more information on sponsorship.

Lily (formerly Snowball)lily

2001 Draft Cross

Lily arrived in February/2016, rescued from the “kill pen”, in foal, 100++ pounds under weight and feral.  Little is know about this mare but she is making a valiant effort for her own and the life of her unborn foal.

Lily’s Lucky StarIMG_1563

2016 Draft Cross

Born on a cold April night, Star beat the odds when she became the first live birth to a rescued mare at PEACE Ranch.  Healthy, happy, she is already bringing hope to the world.  The big question is, “What color will she be next spring??”


2005 Fjord Mare

Callie came to us all the way from Ottawa, Canada. She was part of a large rescue effort including a herd of feral Fjords that had been sold to a meat buyer. Callie was rescued from slaughter but proved to be a challenge due to her lack of handling. Callie is at PEACE , her foal sadly was stillborn likely due to all the stress prior to her arrival. Callie has begun her rehab and we expect her to be a great asset to PEACE program. You can read about Callie’s story here.

rubyRuby Tuesday

2003 Halflinger/Quarterhorse Mare

Ruby came to us through the Horse North Rescue program after almost starving to death. She has been with us for several years and has a gentle way with children and those in need. Ruby is sensitive, is used for all of our programs and excels as a therapy horse.  Read about Ruby

cocoaCocoa Puff

1996 Miniature Horse

Cocoa was rescued from slaughter by his former owner but her horses picked on him mercilessly so he came to PEACE Ranch to continue his rehabilitation. Cocoa is sweet tempered, loves children and has become the PEACE Ranch ambassador.


Miniature HorseIMG_9286

Cowboy came to us from a local barn to help Cocoa Puff with all the children who came to see him. As CEO of the Mini Pen, he reminds us daily that small things have great potential.


2006 Miniature Horse113A0383

Lady Bug was rescued from slaughter and was well loved by a little girl but when she was moved to a new farm, she couldn’t compete with her full size companions for food. She is sweet and has become fast friends with Cocoa, Cowboy, and the children she serves.


2009 Miniature Horse

Mare-lyn was rescued and came to PEACE in 2015.  The next day she represented the ranch at the National Cherry Festival Parade.  A heart of gold and amazing work ethic this little gal has it all.

The Alpacas


Frankie and Rocky came to PEACE from our friends Steve and Charlotte McKellips in Baldwin, MI. The McKellips had to liquidate their farm due to severe health issues and were in need of immediate relief. The alpacas are a curious group of individuals who have enabled lots of young people to learn about themselves in a very unique way.



“Desi” is a beautiful mare with an outstanding personality.  Read Our Date with Destiny


2001 Paso Fino Gelding2011_01_07_0029

Ben is a performance bred, Paso Fino gelding who had the equivalent of a horsey nervous breakdown a few years ago and ended up here. He has a dramatic expressive disposition. He spent a full year in rehab just being used as a trail horse. Ben has an interesting way about him, he loves children, the elderly and people in wheelchairs. He is used in camp, EAL and EAP. Ben especially loves to be brushed and snacks. Read Ben’s story: “Time To Heal


1996 Sorrel Quarterhorse/standard bred MareIMG_4129

Roxy came to us through a dramatic rescue in 2010. Her story is so amazing that she has her own page. Roxy is used in all aspects of therapy and is a very honest equine partner. Read Roxy’s Story

FionaFionatori - Copy

2008 Clydesdale Mare

Fiona came from Starry Skies Equine Rescue, underweight, scared to death, partially blind in her left eye, with little training or handling. Less than 90 days after coming to Peace, she lost her eye sight completely. Fiona is still in the process of overcoming and is making great progress. Read Fiona’s Story.



This brave little gal took on a monumental task when she came to the ranch to serve as a guide animal to Fiona, the Blind Clyde.

Valley Ridge Vindication aka “Vinnie”valley

2003 Morgan Gelding

Vinnie came to us as a weanling and has taught us all kinds of wonderful things. Vinnie is a sensitive, benevolent leader and has been used in PNH, EAP, EAL, for trail and dressage. He is truly a gifted individual.

topsyTop of the Line aka “Topsy”

Rocky Mountain Mare

Topsy was donated by our good friends Tom and Luanne when they, in need of rescue, encountered some physical challenges that forced the dispersal of their beautiful herd of Rocky Mountain horses. Topsy is well bred, well trained and is in the process of assessment here at PEACE Ranch. We are fortunate to have such a quality individual as she.

Abbey’s Stormy Skie aka “Captain”

2004 Morgan GeldingIMG_4152

Skie came to us underfed and unappreciated. At 16 hands this gentle giant is a favorite of all with his inquisitive nature yet commanding stature. He is a natural therapy horse and is being used for all our programs. He is an effective partner for our veterans and great with young children.

marcMarc Antony

Halflinger Gelding

Marc came to from a loving home that just could not afford to keep him anymore. Initially spoiled and pushy, he has evolved into a brave, confident, horse who is very social. Marc is a compassionate friend and hero to many.