Growth & Learning

Add Equine Assisted Learning to

Your Professional Workshop or Retreat providing valuable insight into team dynamics. The program will offer a variety of equine activities both mounted and unmounted, custom designed to meet your teams needs.  The possibilities are unlimited but can include:  corporate team building, brainstorm, pre-employment assessments, introduction of new team members and discovery for existing teams.

  • Any Youth Group, Study Group, Work Group , Therapy Group

EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Learning is exciting and effective for ALL ages in Any arena of life.  Group services are offered:

Group sessions:  1.5-2 hour session for up to 10 participants

Half Day Professional Worksh0p  or Retreat for up to 40 (inquire for cost and availability)

Full Day Professional Worship of Retreat for up to 40   (inquire for cost and availability)

Contact: Jackie Kaschel for more information

Life Skills

Learning Life Skills at PEACE Ranch is both fun and effective for At Risk Youth, Developmentally Disabled Adults and other vulnerable populations. Groups are privately contracted for up to 8 participants with a focus on skill building with horses to achieve personal growth and development goals. Life Skills at PEACE Ranch is provided by a qualified equine specialist, certified by EAGALA and/or PATH.

Past clients include VOCABrickways, and Traverce City Christian School
Life Skills at PEACE Ranch with Brickways.

Life Skills groups may be contracted in weekly sessions for a minimum of 5 weeks or daily for one week.  Each “class” consists of a two hour session. Cost:  $1500  for 5 sessions           To register your group for Life Skills contact:  Jackie Kaschel