Donate a Horse

Thank you for considering PEACE Ranch as a possible home to donate your horse.  Although most of our horses have been rescued, on occasion we will consider a horse for donation to the program.  We ask you to consider the following as you assess whether or not PEACE Ranch is the best placement for your four legged friend.

Our Vision is to create a PEACE-ful therapeutic center, a community dedicated to cultivate growth, learning, and rehabilitation, for animals and humans who are ill or suffering that they may turn or return to productive living.

At PEACE Ranch we specialize in dealing with horses that either needed training or are dealing with trauma or crisis which can be resolved through a rigorous program of Natural Training and Horse Care.  However, we have found that the program does not meet the physical needs of horses including:

  • Older horses (15+)
  • Horses with unrecoverable health issues or injury

Also, please it is important to understand that horses at PEACE Ranch are here for rehabilitation and to return to turn or return to productive living so every horse that can graduate for our program, does.  This makes room for new horses coming in and provides for the needs of newcomers to the program.

If you still believe your horse is a good candidate for PEACE Ranch please fill out the Horse Donation Form and we’ll get back to you.