At PEACE Ranch horses help humans heal.

PEACE Ranch donates 100% of services provided for traumatized children, families in crisis and battle weary Veterans.  These services are provided with the help of rescued and throw away horses in rehabilitation at the ranch.  This is all made possible by the generosity of our donors.  Your help is needed to make it happen.


The Sonja Olshove Memorial Fund

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___________________________________WISH LIST

When you grant PEACE Ranch wishes you provide equipment and materials to enable facility updates and expansion, help ensure safety, and support education and all therapy programs on the ranch.

Granted Wishes


HAY Bales Round or Square

We can never get enough of the stuff. 2014 Hay prices $60 per round and $4 per square.

Any UTV Fit for Agricultural Work:

We need a small, strong, vehicle to do the tough agricultural work around the farm which are not best served by the tractor or the truck.  Things like moving small trailers filled with feed, hay, or manure, dragging the pastures and arenas can all be done with a smaller vehicle and at less expense. The vehicle does not need to be new just in good working condition for year round work.  A dump box and any attachments would be great.

Dreaming Bigger!!  New Farm Truck

At PEACE Ranch, the farm truck plows snow, hauls hay, horses, equipment, wood and sometimes volunteers from one end of the property to the other.  The existing truck is starting to fail.  PEACE Ranch currently owns a Ranch/Plow Truck, which is a 1999 Chevrolet 2500 (3/4 Ton) Extended Cab Pick Up Truck fitted with a Trailer Brake and Straight Blade Snow Plow.  This truck has nearly 200,000 miles and requires repairs above and beyond regular maintenance.  The associated mechanical repair costs will soon exceed the value of the truck.  The body is showing its age with rusting along the bottom of the cab and bed.

Due to the truck’s use and PEACE Ranch’s need for a dependable, mechanically sound truck, we need to update our Ranch/Plow Truck due to its mileage, age, body condition, and maintenance/repair costs.

PEACE Ranch seeks to replace its current Ranch/Plow Truck with a newer model, specifically a model that is 8-11 years old (2005-2008 model years).  PEACE Ranch would like to purchase a newer ¾ ton Ranch/Plow Truck with a diesel motor (power to haul hay bales & horses), extended cab (room to accommodate help to load bales), and V-Blade snow plow (to clear snow at PEACE Ranch).  Based on our research, we believe we would need a budget of $35,000 to make this update a reality.